White Ninja Uniform

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  • 14oz White Ninja Uniform
  • One-Piece Ninja Mask
  • Real White Belt
  • 100% Cotton
  • Hand / Arm Cloth Gauntlets
  • Free 2-Day Shipping

Only available at KageNinjaGear.com


“It’s finally here! Kage Ninja Gear presents the high quality 14oz White Ninja Uniform. This is best quality found on the market today and is designed by the premier Ninja supplier, Kage Ninja Gear. Comes with white: Ninja Gi, Pants, Traditional Gauntlets, One Piece Mask, and White Belt.”

The World’s Best White Ninja Uniform

While most Ninja Uniforms are made out of cheap 8 oz or 10 oz cloth, this uniform is made out of 14oz material. This is the weight and quality real Ninjutsu practitioner’s use. This ninja uniform is designed by the premier Ninja supplier, Kage Ninja Gear

Designed by Kage Ninja Gear

Real White Ninja Uniform

Made of 100% Cotton

Ultra Strong 14oz Material

Custom Designed 1 Piece White Mask

Includes One High Quality White Belt

Special White Trousers with Double Waist Ties

Made of 100% cotton, this white ninja uniform set consists of special trousers with double waist ties plus additional ties at the knees and ankles. The jacket features traditional white gauntlets to cover the hands and forearms. Includes a White Belt.

5 reviews for White Ninja Uniform

  1. Master HATSADA NANTHAVONGSA Of Harigato American White Ninja Temple.

    The first and foremost Ninja uniform of Harigato American White Ninja, held up to ten thousandth fallen angels and will hold its name to the test of time, well made and sleek because of its color orderless unless held to dog urine and static shock proof most importantly in stealth guise. Get one and hold honor of the most sacred White Ninja.

  2. Nick


    Just received mine in the mail today. I am VERY impressed with the quality of the gi jacket and pants of this White Ninja Uniform.

    I didn’t really understand what the fuss was about it being “14oz” but now I can tell.

  3. Cliff S.D.

    Not easy to find a Real White Ninja Uniform. This is the closest I’ve found.

    Mostly everything else on the market is designed for one-time use as a costume.

  4. Ninja Steve

    Been looking for a White Ninja uniform that is made out of more than thin bedding. And I finally found one.

    This came in the main 2 days after I ordered it and is exactly what I hoped it would me.

    Thanks KNG

  5. Cody Jackson

    As good as the black one!

    Just got this in the mail today and am happy with what I got. This is my second order from KNG, my first being for the black uniform.

    The white version appears to be just as tough as the black one.

    Also, love the new videos. Keep up the good work!

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