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A Ninja’s best weapon is his foot – protect it with the Shinobi Ninja Shoes. These Ninja Tabi Boots are designed to be the most silent Tabi available for authentic Ninja-Style movement.

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“A Ninja’s best weapon is his foot, protect with the Shinobi Ninja Shoes!”


The word of the day, Proprioception. By increasing proprioception the Martial Artist increases their balance, strength, and quickness. This is why most martial artists train barefoot, however now there is an alternative, the Shinobi Ninja Shoes.

Designed by Kage Ninja Gear

These ultra lightweight Ninja Tabi are designed by Kage Ninja Gear, the leading experts in Ninja Supplies. These are designed to be the most silent Tabi available.

Fast and easy slip-on with 3 velcro fasteners which guarantee a secure fit. They are light and comfortable with a suede sole. While not designed for heavy ruff use on sharp rocks, they will offer comfortable and silent movement.

Available in US sizes: 9, 10, 11, 12, and 13

Note: These tabi shoes run about a half size small. Keep that in mind when you order.

This is a special clearance item. Because of this, no returns or exchanges are available for the Shinobi Ninja Shoes.

4 reviews for Shinobi Ninja Shoes

  1. PTK

    Worth the 19 bucks.

    I like them. A little light and probably won’t hold up for years and years. Comfortable and training outdoors on the grass. (Too thin for running on pavement)

  2. Ninja Timothy

    Comfortable tabi shoes. Should be used for indoors more than outdoors.

    Do not use on ruff terrain, they obviously aren’t made for that. I use them indoor training. If you use them for outdoors, they work great on grass.

    Price is good and is pretty unique.

  3. Customer

    Don’t use outdoors except in grass. The soles aren’t thick enough to handle use on roads or rocks.

    Seems to be good for indoor and training in fields.

    If you want something for more heavy use, you’re better off with the normal tabi with rubber soles.

    On another note, they looked kind of cheap when I opened the box, but once I tried them on, I started to like them. They are made out of soft material that is pretty comfortable.

  4. Nicholas

    Makes great martial art shoes. They are light, which means you can move your feet faster than wearing normal shoes.

    They don’t look like much, but worth it

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