Ninja Uniform

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  • 14oz Black Ninja Uniform
  • One Piece Ninja Mask
  • Real Black Belt
  • 100% Cotton
  • Hand / Arm Cloth Gauntlets
  • Limited Edition! Only 500 Uniforms made in 2021
  • Free 2-Day Shipping


“Tired of all the fake and low quality Ninja Uniforms on the market? Well, so were we!”

The World’s Best Ninja Uniform

While most Ninja Uniforms are made out of cheap 8 oz or 10 oz cloth, our Real Shinobi Ninja Uniform is made out of 14oz material. This is the weight and quality real Ninjutsu practitioner’s use. This authentic ninja suit is designed by the premier Ninja supplier, Kage Ninja Gear

Designed by Kage Ninja Gear

 Real Ninja Uniform

 Made of 100% Cotton

 Ultra Strong 14oz Material

Custom Designed 1 Piece Mask

Includes One High Quality Black Belt

 Special Trousers with Double Waist Ties

Made of 100% cotton, this black ninja uniform set consists of special trousers with double waist ties plus additional ties at the knees and ankles. The jacket features standard gauntlets on the sleeves to cover the hands and forearms. Includes a Black Belt. (Authentic Ninja Costume for Halloween and Events.)

18 reviews for Ninja Uniform

  1. Rick S. (verified owner)

    Very good uniform and very good quality as well! My Karate Gi is pure 100% Japanese cotton and made in Japan as well, but I have to be honest and say that Kage Ninja Gear killed it with this one. I tried my ninja uniform on the second it arrived in the mail and I LOVE IT! It looks good on me and it feels good too. Two thumbs up for Kage Ninja Gear! 👍🏼👍🏼

  2. Geoffrey

    This uniform is absolute quality and fits very well. I highly recommend it. Easily the best uniform I have ever had.

  3. Ronin

    If you are looking for an authentic, durable gi or shozoku that allows for a wide range of motion in all appendages, then this is the item for you. Here are some things that aren’t mentioned…

    There is a pocket for eggs or metsubishi on the right flap of the torso robe, so in a traditional left-over-right, it is concealed nicely under the left flap of the torso robe.

    There is a shuriken pocket hidden inside the back of the neck of the torso robe, and allows for a pretty fluid throw with a right handed, overhead style. Ive practiced a few left handed reaches as well, and it seems to be feasible enough.

    There are ties that hold the torso robe in place even without the belt, allowing you to tie the belt in a fashion that allows for better upper body movement, without sacrificing security of your left-over-right fold.

    The pants are amazing. Far better than my judo gi with double-reinforced knees.

    The ‘wrists’ of the robe do have elastic, which I really don’t like, but it does help them stay in place when tucked under the gauntlets, or rolled up to the elbow for bare handed training.

    The velcro on the calves is unnecessary, but does not get in the way.

    The gauntlets that come with this gi are of some very low quality. There is a tiny loop for your finger to get it to stay up on your hand. I am glad I bought the other gauntlets.

    And the material is very strong (pants and torso robe). I will be quite surprised if I manage to tear this gear.

  4. Rick

    Good uniform, good price, and fast shipping. Thanks guys!

  5. Nural M

    Thanks guys. Very happy with your ninja uniform quality. One of the best I’ve come across

  6. LEON

    This has to be the best ninja gi owned. Very durable and well made. And the compliments keep coming in. Thank you Kage Ninja Gear!

  7. Josh

    Happy with my purchase. Received it within 3 days of purchasing. Thanks guys

  8. Marco

    A very high quality uniform. For anyone who has been training in Ninjutsu, they will know a good uniform when they see one.

    This is it. I’m very pleased with it.

    I even liked the black belt that came with it. Although I can’t wear it in class, I’m not up to that level yet. It’s for motivation 🙂

  9. Customer

    Good Ninja Uniform. One of the better ones that I’ve seen

  10. Richard The Ninja

    So much better than the low quality cloth ninja uniforms that you’ll find everywhere else.

    These guys make the best ninja uniform on the market.

    Keep up the good work guys!

  11. Chucky

    this is hands down the best uniform on the market Im a little confused about the trousers however , being used to the traditiotinal bakama style double ties its kind of strange it didnt make it into your design , keep in mind im not complaining t. the open leggings with the velcro was a nice touch and fits like a glove.I am very pleased with this shozoku and will definetly reccomend it to all my fellow ninjaka. Shinkin Harimitsu Daikomyo

  12. Johan Guffson

    I received my large Ninja Uniform from Kage Ninja Gear a couple days ago. The uniform is clearly as good as they say.

  13. Wayne Jackson

    I’ll agree with the other reviews, best ninjutsu uniform I’ve owned

  14. Patrick

    I just received my uniform today and as I am so pleased with the obvious quality and value I am placing a order for a second uniform today. It is so nice to find a source for a uniform that takes the art seriously. I do not feel like I am buying a costume, but rather a fine piece of training equipment.

  15. Niklas E.

    They say it’s one of the best Ninja Uniforms on the market. I’d have to agree.

    I’ve been using mine for the last couple of weeks and haven’t had any problems. Only issue is the tabi were a bit wide. But wearing two pairs of socks or thick black socks works well.

    4.5 stars

  16. XHannes

    Not the most expensive Ninja Uniform on the market, but one of the best. The quality is exceptional and it even comes with a black belt. The cheap halloween costumes can’t even compare.

  17. Ingrid Riley and family

    To Whom It May Concern:

    I just had to sit down and write you a letter. After over a year of looking, and my son begging. We found your website. He has wanted a ninja outfit for a very long time. I wanted to find something that would be easy for him to get on and off, and not near as difficult as some of the others we have seen. I also wanted something that would last, and not be made of the flimsy material that I have found in countless others!

    First I just have to tell you that you made a little boy VERY HAPPY TODAY! He has been checking the mail box everyday since I told him I ordered it! It came today. He was jumping up and down as he pulled it out. I wish you could of seen his face!

    I am so happy with your product! It is so well made! I am thrilled that I found you! I love the fact that he can just pull the head part right over his head! I think that is what completely sold us! I haven’t found that ANYWHERE ELSE! It arrived so fast and the price was great too! I just can’t say enough good things about it! I have already told many family and friends about you! I want you to know that I will be telling everyone I know that has boys like mine about you! Including other parents in his karate class!

    My only regret is that I didn’t get a picture right away to send to you!

    I just had to tell you that you have blown us away and I will again be ordering from you when he outgrows this one… at his rate.. could be next week! 🙂 You should know too that he will probably be living in this until then!

    Thank you Thank you Thank you! WOW!! THAT IS ALL I CAN SAY! WOW!


    Ingrid Riley and family


    This uniform is well ok. The material is thick and not cheap costume like. But it does not have a good feel to it. Also the jacket and pants fit a little awkward. The gauntlets are kind of good. The mask is pretty good. I will keep it around as a back up.

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