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Elite Ninja Tabi Boots

(8 customer reviews)


Complete your Ninja Uniforms with these high quality Elite Ninja Tabi Boots.  The traditional split toe design was historically used for rope climbing purposes and agility.

Only available at KageNinjaGear.com


“Climb a rope with ease and stealth as silently as a kitty cat!”


These Elite High Top Ninja Tabi Boots were designed to provide high quality Ninja Tabi Boots at a great price. The new velco strap design creates a better fit no matter the size of your calves.

The toe and heel of the boot feature reinforced stitching for longer durability. The sole is rubber with a traditional split-toe design for easy climbing and natural traction of the foot while protecting it from the elements. The design also features ridged rubber soles to improve traction and are virtually soundless. (Note: These tabi boots run about one size small.)

(Please note, there is a 15% restocking fee on returns or exchanges for this product.)

8 reviews for Elite Ninja Tabi Boots

  1. Derek Andrew Alston

    Really Really good And They Last Forever.

  2. darkcrow35 (verified owner)

    The Tabi Boots are great and hold up well. Great quality and would recommend the boots to everyone wanting a good/great pair of Tabi Boots.

  3. Kosta

    As with their Ninja Uniform, these Elite Ninja Tabi are as good as they say it is. Much better than the standard tabi you get from generic MAS stores.

  4. William

    Good quality tabi. But I kind of have narrow feet. After talking with Chris, he recommended that I wear two pairs of Tabi socks or a thick pair of normal black socks.

    Worked like a charm.

    Good quality and holding up well with my outdoor training

  5. Ninja John

    I got these with the tabi socks. I’m satisfied with both products.

  6. Neil S

    I must say these are a very well made tabi boot. Light weight and comfortable.
    For those worried about them being to flat footed. If you get one size larger you can fit inner soles custom cut to the show by tracing them from the bottom of the boot.
    Iv done this with my pair and they are now the most comfortable boots Iv ever worn!


    Much better than those crappy shoes other website try to pass of as authentic Ninja Tabi boots.

    Kage really does offer the best!

  8. TJ Howard

    These were my first Tabi but they have held up greatly! However, I have small calves(genetics, huh?) and i have three long velco flaps hanging off my legs. I was thinking maybe the Leg Wraps may help? [Any help is great; email: ************@gmail.com]

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