Pro Ninja Tabi Socks (4 Pairs)

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The thickest and most comfortable Ninja Tabi Socks available. Our Ninja Tabi Socks are great to wear with the Ninja Tabi boots or Ninja Shoes, these black socks feature the same split toe design.

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“The thickest and most comfortable Ninja Tabi Socks available, guaranteed!”


Tired of tabi socks you can only wear once then have to throw away? So were we. This is why Kage Ninja Gear designed these elite tabi socks.

Designed by Kage Ninja Gear

These black split toe ninja socks are designed to be worn with ninja tabi boots and ninja shoes. One size fits all.

Comes with 4 pairs.

7 reviews for Pro Ninja Tabi Socks (4 Pairs)

  1. wolfergon (verified owner)

    The best tabi socks ever this is the 3rd time buying them am a sixe 11 and they work great after wearing them for a while walking around in them realy love em

  2. darkcrow35 (verified owner)

    These socks are durable and go well with my Tabi Boots. Also good for my zori sandals as well.

  3. Mr. Ninja

    Another killer product form Kage Ninja Gear. I’m glad that a company has gone out of there way to produce quality Ninja gear. These tabi socks are very good

  4. Dustin Terry

    I like them alright. Thicker than other tabi socks that I’ve owned.

  5. Nick Williams

    Better than other socks on the market that are made of that nylon crap. Not up to the same standards and Kage Ninja Gear uniforms, but pretty close.


    If you are new to Ninjutsu, or any Japanese Budo Martial Practice, you do not want to wear Tabi Slippers or Boots without Tabi Socks underneath. Socks will give you some comfort inside the funny feeling split toe bootie. These socks are 4 for $15 so that is great. But they are the typical Size 9-11 offering and if you are an 11-11.5-12 bigfoot, these socks are a little tight and not enough coverage. Not bad though for a one-stop-shop. Keep the good stuff coming!


    These socks aren’t perfect. But better than the rest. The cotton material is comfortable. The length is perfect. The toes can get a little tight when you first wear them. I recommend walking around these Tabi Socks for a couple hours at home to get your feet used them the and so they form better to your foot.

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