Professional Ninja Uniform

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  • Complete 14oz Black Ninja Uniform w/Mask
  • Pro Ninja Gauntlets for Hand + Arm Protection
  • Pro Ninja Leg Wraps for Your Calves
  • Pro Ninja Utility Belt
  • Split Toe Ninja Tabi Socks
  • Certificate of Authenticity
  • Free Halloween Ninja Gift
  • Only available at

If you purchased items separately, the cost would be: $189.70 Receive HUGE savings ordering as a set!



“The Ultimate Professional Ninja Uniform is a Complete Set!”


This Professional Ninja Uniform is custom made by Ninjas for Ninjas. Because of this, it comes with every possible option available all designed by Kage Ninja Gear. Comes with: Full Ninja Uniform with mask, Pro Ninja Gauntlets, Ninja Leg Wraps, and Tabi Socks.

Designed by Kage Ninja Gear

Real 14oz Black Ninja Uniform

Professional Ninja Leg Wraps

Professional Ninja Gauntlets

Pro Ninja Tabi Socks

Real Black Belt

Professional Ninja Utility Belt

Certificate of Authenticity

The Ultimate Professional Ninja Uniform made of high quality 14oz 100% cotton material. The ninja uniform set consists of special trousers with double waist ties plus additional ties at the knees and ankles. The jacket features standard gauntlets on the sleeves to cover the hands and forearms. Include a Black Belt.

The Ultimate Pro Ninja Mask which is included, is made out of material to better fit your head with out the “geeky” look which the traditional ninja uniform creates.

The Ultimate Pro Ninja Gauntlets which are included are unique forearm and hand gauntlets. Designed to cover the knuckles and palm unlike traditional gauntlets which only cover the back of the hand. One for each arm!

The Ultimate Pro Ninja Tabi Socks are made out of 100% cotton and are one size fits all. 

The Ultimate Pro Ninja Leg Wraps which are included feature velcro closer, elastic edge for better adjustment. Stylish design makes any uniform look better and secures your tabi even an even better fit. One for each leg.

Designed for Real Ninja Training, but also perfect for corporate events and costume parties.

Designed by Kage Ninja Gear

20 reviews for Professional Ninja Uniform

  1. darkcrow35 (verified owner)

    This is my first professional ninja uniform. The Gi top and Gi bottom are a perfect fit. The professional ninja gauntlets are a perfect fit. The Ninja Leg Wraps are a perfect fit. The Ninja Gi Belt and the ninja utility belt are a perfect fit. The ninja mask is a great fit and goes well with my (Gi) uniform. The foam nunchaku is a compliment to the professional ninja (Gi) uniform. Great quality and definitely an investment. Keep up the good work, Kage Ninja Gear.

  2. Brian Stephenson

    I’m very impressed with this uniform. I picked it up on a whim for an early Halloween costume idea not quite sure if I’d return it or not. But after trying it on, I’m going Ninja all the way this year! Material seems good and the fit is accurate to the size chart. The free ‘chucks’ are an awesome touch!

  3. Customer

    The whole ultimate ninja set is impressive, and I have nothing but high praises, specifically for the head mask. The one size ninja mask fits perfectly on my head. I first thought of buying just the ninja uniform, but upon seeing the whole set with additional boots, gauntlets, tabi socks and leg wraps for only a hundred bucks; I opted for the ultimate ninja uniform set instead.

  4. K

    Ok, So I bought this outfit for paintball, I wanted to look like a ninja on the field… let me tell you what it went through on the 1st day, started off with a game in the woods, light running, got hit a few times but it didnt sting at all (tough stuff). Then on to the D-day scenario where we had to climb hills, run and slide into bunks and behind barrels, and it was wet that day, so I was layin down in mud, crawling for cover, getting covered in paint/grass/yada yada… And not only was this outfit 100% comfortable but I washed it that night and it came out good as new… this right here is quality, when I form my team I already know what uniform we are gonna wear. (p.s. I dont know about the boots, i wouldnt use them on a paintball field)

  5. John

    Just got this for Halloween. Very impressed with the quality. Looks just like the photos and feels great.

    The Ninja Boots complete the look perfectly

  6. Marina

    Best Ninja Uniform I’ve Ever Had

    Amazing Product, very well made and you won’t find a better uniform anywhere (trust me I looked). Great service and kept up with their shipping promise.

  7. Jay-son

    I have owned 3 uniforms from 3 different companies and Kage Gear is definitly the most durable. Very Very heavy duty. I bought mine from another website and paid too much, i guess I should have bought from direct from the manufactuer. My next one will be bought here. Of course it may be awhile seeing how good this one is.

  8. GiGi Ninja

    I first purchased this years ago. I’m very satisfied

  9. Waka Q.

    although a bit pricey, more than worth it, I would say that it is the best Ninja gear you can get that’s not unaffordable. I have 2 and they are amazing, from what I’ve heard from other people, though don’t experience this myself, is that the mask doesn’t fit right, but other than that this is everything you’ll need for Ninjutsu

  10. Frank Phillips

    Solid 4 Stars

    More than I wanted to spend on for my training uniform. But well worth it. The uniform is awesome. The leggings are a must have. The gauntlets are a little on the thick side, but has good padding.


    If you are new to Ninjutsu, this is a GREAT starter package! All the items are high quality and designed to get you going fast. Ninpo ikkan!

  12. Stanely

    I’ve wasted $60 on a cheap Halloween costume and regretted it. So for $110 its a good deal that I do not regret. It feels great and durable at first and lasts a long time, at least in my case. Not to mention it looks awesome. Everything works well from the boots to the gauntlets. The only things wrong with mine were my left gauntlet was not cut for a left thumb and my ninja mask was not properly cut. So instead of an elongated triangle shape, I just got one with a circle in the middle for a cyclops. But still a great deal. Get it!

  13. Ryu

    The Best I’ve Found!

    I have scoured the internet for a high quality modern Ninja uniform, that is both durable and looks the goods too. After finding Kage Ninja Gear, my search was over. Have already purchased more than one set.

  14. Steve


    I’ve been looking for a real ninja uniform for a long time. This is more than I wanted to spend but has been worth the money so far.

    The set comes with everything I wanted. (excluding weapons. Had to buy those elsewhere)

  15. Big Ben

    Who would have thought I would have paid over 100 bucks for a ninja uniform. Not me.

    But after getting a uniform from another website…which I’ll remain unnamed for now, I decided to go ahead and buy this. And if I didn’t like it, simply return it.

    I kept it and have been pleased with it. It isn’t perfect by any means. The mask doesn’t fit my head right. But besides that, everything else is quality.

    Thanks guys. 4.5 stars because I’m cheap 🙂

  16. Adam


    Top quality. Attention to detail. I actually turned invisible once I put everything on. Worth the money. You get what you pay for. I’m 5’10” 155 lbs. ordered the medium. Fits perfect after a wash and dry since its 100% cotton. Got small gauntlets. Perfecto.


    I have been up and down the internet, week after week, praying that I would make the right choice for a good quality uniform. The problem is that they all say they are good quality, and that just isnt true. I am absolutely THRILLED that I chose Kage Ninja Gear. GREAT quality!

  18. Mudhoney R

    I like the thick, 100% cotton fabric. I am a little worried about fading, but I will wash carefully! Even the socks are cotton which I love. My only complaint was not being able to completely customize the sizing to have a larger jacket and smaller trouser together. (I am petite, but very large through the bust) The gauntlets and leggings make up for most imperfections of size, but the top of the trousers will require help from a tailor or I will have to order a separate, smaller pair. Another note: the mask does not fit as well as those in any of the pictures on the site, or as well as the description says it will. I had to tweak it a bit with some tucking and hand stitching to get the fit just right. Regardless, this set is far better than the two I ordered (and returned!) previously from other places. It is superior in almost all ways… the materials, construction, style and overall appearance. If I had been able to order seperate top and bottom sizes, it would have easily got a perfect score. I must also note that the customer service here is fantastic.

  19. Doc

    I compared the Ultimate Ninja Uniform Set to some other manufacturers and sellers, and found the others to have lighter weight material, lack of quality enhancements like the leggings, basic gauntlets, and no boots, but still priced about the same as this package. Regardless of your reason for wanting the uniform Kage offers the best quality and the best value without exception.

  20. Shawn

    this is my third suit and i most say it is very well made . i am 5’9 145 lbs the medium suit is a perfect fit . i normally wear a size 9.5 in shoes so i got the size 10 boot very good fit . the pants are perfect 32 -34 in length the jacket is very nice elastic wrist cuffs.the Velcro is a nice add to the traditional for a tighter fit. i am very satisfied with mine .if you don’t mind a little extra money it is well worth the price .and it was shipped very fast in about a week

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