Professional Utility Ninja Belt

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The Utility Ninja Belt answers the question, “How do Ninjas carry all those weapons?” There in his utility belt! With five different touch fastener pockets, you can carry those smaller items likes stars, knives, spikes, etc…

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“How does a Ninja carry all of his weapons? In his Ninja Belt of course!?


With five different touch fastener pockets, you too can carry smaller items such as stars, knives, keys, spikes…whatever. Specially designed, this Ninja Belt is made out of stronger material to last longer than the imitations currently on the market. This belt is designed to be used.

Designed by Kage Ninja Gear

The Ninja Utility Belt is made from a durable nylon webbing and is adjustable from 28″ to 36″. Features 5 pouches for carrying items and tough plastic clip buckle closure.

One of a kind!

4 reviews for Professional Utility Ninja Belt

  1. Thank You

    Looks great with the my ninja costume. Though if you buy Kage Ninja Uniforms, they come with a black belt. Personally I don’t like to wear both at the same time. Either wear the ninja utility belt to hold my smaller weapons or the black best for a cool look

  2. Stanely

    I’m 6 feet 1 inch, 180 pounds and for me it was simple to buckle and doesn’t fall off or slide around. Comes with enough pouches to hold things so its practical. It also looks cool when you’re wearing it and doesn’t look like a geeky utility belt. Only downside is the straps that hold things shut or together are Velcro… so as long as you don’t need to open anything when you need to be quite you’re good to go!

  3. Jaymis

    it is a really good quality product. it holds things perfectly. it could have been better though only the velcrow straps need changing to something quietier like magnets.

  4. Big Ben

    Not even sure why I bought this since I don’t have much use for this belt, but I thought it might go with my uniform set that I bought.

    It seems to be good quality and fits me alright. I still haven’t found a use for it, but what the hell. It looks nice resting next to my pro ninja uniform.

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