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The Secret Weapons of the Ninjas: Gunpowder

The Secret Weapons of the Ninjas Gunpowder

Ninjas, also known as Shinobi, were an incredibly effective fighting force based in the feudal era of Japan’s history.

There were many factors that gave these ninjas an advantage over their enemies. Unique training regimens, lack of adherence to the general moral code in combat of the era, and their own ingenuity when it came to devising their own sets of tools.

One such tool that ninjas brilliantly used to their advantage was gunpowder.

Keep in mind that during that era in time technology was far more inferior and such combustible materials were still in a very primitive state. Even those that had access to gunpowder were not as clever as the ninja when it came to devising new ways to leverage effectively.

Ninjas, known for their ingenuity and creativity, would use gunpowder in a variety of ways that proved to be very detrimental to any of their enemies or targets.

They were known to utilize gunpowder in there smoke bombs, which could be used in both defensive and offensive capacities. The flash from the smoke bomb could be used as a distraction to launch a counterattack, flee from the situation, or otherwise achieve an objective.

Ninjas also favored gunpowder for their sabotage missions. They would infiltrate an enemy castle or an encampment and utilize the gunpowder to set fire to enemy locations or supplies.

Burst and flashes from incendiary devices utilizing gunpowder prior to launching an ambush was also a tactic favored by the ninjas of the era. Ninjas could lie in wait as an enemy unit approached and then set off their smoke bombs or incendiary devices to disrupt the vision of any enemy soldiers and launch an attack.

Applying this level of creativity to discovering uses for new technology in the era gave ninjas a frightening advantage over their enemies.

The intelligent use of gunpowder also assisted the ninjas in cultivating their level of notoriety as spirits, ghosts, or supernatural entities. Most people did not understand that what they were seeing was the use of gunpowder. They were perceiving this chemical reaction to be magic and would react fearfully. They would then share tales with friends and family of what they saw and the legends of the Ninja would grow even further.

Ninjas encouraged the use of anything that could give them an advantage! The application of gunpowder is a fine example of that principle.

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