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4 Myths about Ninjas that People Believed

Myths about Ninjas that People Believed

We may never know the full scope of the truth the mysterious Warriors known as ninjas due to their level of secrecy and deliberate misinformation.

Historians are regularly unearthing discoveries that are poking holes in current misconceptions and supposed facts about ninjas.

Let’s discuss a few more of the myths surrounding these elusive warriors.

Ninjas Had Supernatural Abilities

People during the feudal era of Japan tended to be more on the superstitious side. Coupling this tendency toward superstition with the stealthy actions of the Ninja helped them to cultivate a reputation of having access to supernatural abilities or dark magic arts.

The truth was that the ninjas were humans that underwent unique training regiments and utilized science and technology, such as gunpowder, to achieve effects that impressed and terrified any potential enemies.

Ninjas Called Themselves Ninjas

The initial term used for the ones who would eventually become known as ninjas was “Shinobi”.

This term was derived from the Japanese phrasing for “hidden person”, or “to steal/hide away”.

The term Ninja has no historical record of use until the turn of the 20th century.

Ninja activity is believed to have begun during the 15th century in the feudal era of Japan.

Ninjas were Heroes/Villains

Now we have all seen various movies, anime, and television shows that depict ninjas to be either heroes or villains.

As with many matters surrounding Ninjas, the truth was not always so clear.

Ninjas were mercenaries. They were a special operations unit who would sell their services to the highest bidder. They fought with and against other ninja clans, and they fought with and against Samurai as well. They assassinated defenseless targets and performed daring rescue missions.

There are even recorded instances of ninjas pretending to be hired by one faction simply so that they could set up a more efficient betrayal at a critical moment In time.

Ninjas Always Used Ninja Swords

The vast majority of movies and television shows will depict ninjas as warriors in black charging in with their ninja swords at the ready.

The truth was that the original ninjas came from humble backgrounds and had limited resources.

High-end equipment such as armor and swords belonged primarily to the samurai, who often hailed from noble families.

The original ninjas weapons were far less glamorous, as they had to be ingenuitive by creating their own weapons from what they could find.

Many of their initial weapons were modified farm tools.

The power of these weapons was in how they chose to wield them and the level of concealability that they offered.

Due to the level of secrecy at these ninjas employed there may be much that is lost to history about them that we will never know.

You can see how it might become difficult to discern fact from fiction regarding the elusive ninjas.

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