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10 Facts About Ninjas That’ll Keep You Up at Night

10 Facts About Ninjas That'll Keep You Up at Night

The warriors known as “Ninjas” have long captured the imaginations and interest of movie makers, show producers, and historians alike.

Due to their level of secrecy, it has been challenging to unearth many of the secrets that ninjas held so closely.

Let’s dive into some of the facts that have been revealed about ninjas over the years:

1- Female ninjas were some of the most deadly to have ever lived. Too many men died because they underestimated the women around them that turned out to be ninjas. Female ninjas, known as Kunoichi, unparalleled when it came to acquiring information and assassinations.

2- Ninjas often utilized disguise to fit in with the locals to gather information or perform assassinations.

3- Ninjas were forced to learn more than just combative arts. They had to learn about a wide variety of industries, poisons, explosives, survival techniques, and more.

4- Surprising or unique weapons where another trademark of the legendary Ninja. They would dip caltrops in poison, have sharpen hair adornments, or alter everyday items to appear harmless while being ready to take a life.

5- Ninjas were very family-oriented. Each family, or Clan, would develop their own techniques for killing and stealth and keep them hidden from the world. These techniques would then be handed down to the next in line in the clan.

6- Ninjas were actually reviled in their era. Many modern movies and shows to pick ninjas as honorable Warriors. In the era of ninjas they were known to be deceitful and Samurai view them to have no honor.

7- Ninjas were originally known as “Shinobi”. The term “Ninja” was not used until the 20th century

8– Ninjas we’re not always hired to kill. At times, ninjas were hired simply to observe and gather information or to sabotage operations of an enemy or rival.

9- Weapons used by ninjas were generally small. Movies and shows often depict ninjas wielding large swords or weapons, what the truth was that they often had to maintain disguises or so so their weapons were limited to what could be concealed.

10- Many ninja clans and organizations created a ranking system for their ninjas. Jonin was the upper class, Chunin was the middle class, and Genin the lowest class.

You now know more about the lives and secrets that these ninjas work so hard to conceal.

Do what you will with this information.

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