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How to Wear a Ninja Uniform & Ninja Costume

HOW TO WEAR A NINJA UNIFORM & NINJA COSTUMEOne of the most common questions we receive is customers asking us how to properly put on and wear their Ninja Uniform (ninja costume).

We made an excellent video detailing every step of the process. The video can be found below.

How to wear your Ninja Uniform in 5 easy steps:

Step 1 – Ninja Gi Jacket

Put on the Gi just like you would put on a jacket. Wrap the right side around your body and tie the two drawstrings together.

Then take the left flap of the jacket and wrap it around your body. Tie the two drawstrings together.

Step 2 – Ninja Gauntlet

Put on the Ninja Gauntlets on over the sleeve of your jacket. Put middle finger through the hole. Do this on both arms.

Step 3 – Ninja Pants

Put on the Ninja pants with drawstrings on the back of your legs. Take the drawstrings on your hips, pull them backwards and then forwards to tighten the waist of the pants. Then tie together

For the drawstrings on the legs, wrap the drawstrings around your legs and tie them together. Do this for both legs.

Step 4 – Black Belt

Kage Ninja Gear is the only manufacture of high quality Ninja Uniforms that includes a real black belt.

There are many different ways to tie a martial arts belt. In this video at the 4 minute mark, I go through the traditional Ninjutsu style of tying the belt.

Step – Ninja Mask

Put your mask on and arrange the slit so it only shows your eyes.

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Video for How to Put on a Ninja Uniform and Costume:

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Kevin started Kage Ninja Gear in 2009 and still runs it to this day. When asked about his company, he proudly states: “We do one thing and one thing only at Kage…we make kick-ass Ninja Uniforms!”

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