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How to Make a Free Ninja Mask Using a Black T-Shirt [Video]

How to Make a Free Ninja Mask Using a Black T-ShirtHello Fellow Ninjas,

So this is kind of a cool thing I learned when I was doing my Ninja training a few years back.  We were rock climbing in California directly under the hot sun.

Regretfully, this Ninja came unprepared and didn’t bring any sun screen.  Meaning I was quickly getting burned to a crisp.

Is was after a couple complaints on my end…yes Ninjas can complain…though it’s only appropriate if it’s done very quietly!

That our instructor pulled me to the side and taught me how to make a ninja mask from a t-shirt.

Since this, I’ve used this trick more than once and it has even become one of my most popular YouTube videos. Here it is:

How to Make a Ninja Mask Out of a T-Shirt in 90 Seconds

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