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The Truth About Ninjas and Samurai that Changes Everything

The Truth About Ninjas and Samurai that Changes Everything

There are very few organizations of fighters that have captivated the hearts and minds of generations into the future as Ninjas and Samurai have.

Both Ninjas and Samurai have their unique place in history. Both parties existed in the same era in the history of Japan. Ninjas and Samurai have both been the focus of many books, shows, and movies. Both have had significant cultural impact beyond their own country of origin.

What has not always been clear over history is the complex relationship shared between Ninjas and Samurai. History has revealed a very fascinating dynamic between Ninjas and Samurai.

Samurai were a very honour-based class of warrior that focused heavily on their martial training while maintaining a strict code of ethics in their lives. Their code of honor, known as Bushido, prevented them from engaging in many of the acts that Ninjas performed regularly.

They prided themselves on facing their opponent in single combat and overcoming their obstacles in a direct fashion. This principle was a core factor in the philosophy that drove many Samurai.

Ninjas, on the other hand, operated almost entirely in stealth and focused on espionage, assassinations, and other actions that Samurai had disdain for. Ninjas operated in darkness and secrecy while Samurai were the enforcers or warriors that operated in plain sight.

Many Samurai, as well as members of society in that era, looked down upon Ninjas. They were often reviled are as dishonorable scum.

Now despite this level of disdain, Samurai often employed Ninjas to handle tasks they felt to be beneath them.

Do you see where this relationship becomes complex? There have been many objectives that they required one another to achieve.

While in public they were quick to sneer at Ninjas, many Samurai organizations often employed Ninjas to gather information or sabotage their enemies. Information could change the flow of battle drastically when Samurai waged war. Ninjas were vital in infiltrating and obtaining information regarding the strategy and movement of troops for the opposing side.

Now that you have a better understanding of the relationship between Ninjas and Samurai you can clearly understand as to how the relationship between the two factions was far more complex than is often let on.

Which faction do you think you would have found yourself a part of?

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