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Legendary Ninja Profiles: Momochi Sandayu

Legendary Ninja Profiles Momochi Sandayu

Due to their elusive nature, discovering any solid historical data regarding ninjas has been challenging.

There were many ninjas to accomplish their task of remaining anonymous while completing any missions given to them.

There were also ninjas of such historical impact that they could not help but to go down in history as Legends in ninja culture.

Momochi Sandayu was one such ninja!

Originating from Nabari City, in the Iga Province, Momochi was born in 1525. This was during the era where the Samurai Shogunate was beginning to form its power base.

Much of the truth about Momochi has been buried in history due to the fact that he often operated while disguise with various aliases. It is suspected that one of those aliases was none other than Fujibayashi Nagato. Nagato was known for being the fearsome leader group of ninja known as the Koga Ryu Shinobi. This could potentially mean that Momochi was actually playing the part of multiple famous ninjas throughout history.

Momochi Sandayu was also known for having trained and mentored other renowned Shinobi. To ensure the secrecy of their trainings, Mo Mochi made sure to have multiple households and training facilities in different areas. One of his more notable training facilities was rumored to have been located in Hojiro (within Ueno City). Hattori Hanzo, another famous ninja from the same era in Japan, was said to have been a student to Momochi Sandayu.

The southern sector of the Iga province was controlled by Momochi Sandayu and his elite ninjas. To ensure the level secrecy in Disguise required of his ninja teachings Momochi had several homes and even multiple families to conceal his true identity and his actions.

Ninja lore also covers the dispute between Mo mochi and the Nobunaga Dynasty, led by Oda Nobunaga. Religion was a large factor in the dispute between these two organizations. The Nobunaga Dynasty had accepted Christianity while momochi & his ninja brethren upheld and protected Buddhist tenets.

The tales that have been uncovered regarding the famous ninja Momochi Sandayu have been incredible discoveries. Can you imagine the stories that have been lost to history or that are known only to the descendants of these ninja clans?

Much of this ninja history will forever remain in the shadows due to the expert level of secrecy employed my ninjas.

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