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The World's Best Ninja Uniforms!

Wholesale Sign Up

Wholesale accounts are available for martial art schools and stores that want to offer the world's best Ninja Uniforms to their customers.  To become a member of our wholesale team:

Step 1:
Create an account at: Click here to Sign Up

Step 2: We need a copy of your business license. If you belong to a public school, private school, or university martial arts club, we need a copy of the club's certificate from your school. If you belong to a YMCA/YWCA club, we need a letter from the program director on the institution's stationery.

When you have your business license, certificate, or letter, follow these steps:

Step 3: Scan and email the forms to:

info (at)

Step 4: Once your wholesale account is approved, an account representative will call you at the number provided. An opening order of $500 is required for all new accounts. (We also offer a drop-shipment service.)