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The World's Best Ninja Uniforms!

A true story from the founder of Kage Ninja Gear: "I look down at my torn ninja uniform in disappointment once again, why does this always happen? First my tabi boots and now my ninja uniform, why is everything on the market such low quality." Two years later this problem would be solved...

It all started with a simple idea between my business partner and myself, why not manufacture our own high quality Ninja Gear at an affordable price. Ninja Gear created by Ninjas for Ninjas, plain and simple.

It has been one short year since we've built this business from ground up. Within this short time our business of Kage Ninja Gear has grown. In a market place where many copy cat businesses are here one day, then gone the next. Ours remains.

This, we attribute to you. We pride ourselves on offering a service and products unmatched by the competition and we cater to our individual clientele. Here you will find only the best Ninja Gear and Uniforms.

Whether you seek unique Ninja training gear made to be used in the field or just want to train with the best, we are here to serve.

We offer you the best choice for your needs. We are Martial Artists for Martial Artists.